Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours does the rental fee reserve the space for? Are there any additional charges for overtime?
You will have full use of our facilities for fourteen (14) hours. This time includes the time to set up, tear down and clean up. Normally you can allow approximately 3 hours to set up, 5 hours for ceremony/reception time and 1 hour for cleanup. However, you may utilize this time however you choose. Overtime charges accrue at $100/fifteen (15) minutes and begin at gate closing time. All events end at midnight with gate closing at midnight.

Can I bring my own alcohol?
Yes, you may provide alcohol for your guests as long as all Alcohol is served by a TABC certified Bartender/Alcohol Provider.

What type of kitchen facilities do you have available?
We have a fully equipped kitchen with a Double oven, two microwaves, two dishwashers, two prep sinks and a triple bowl sink. We have a 48" fridge as well as a double-door caterer's fridge, floral fridge, commercial icemaker & spacious countertops. Our deluxe caterer’s gourmet kitchen is, of course, beautifully and rustically decorated to coordinate and enhance its function and charm.

What is the maximum number of guests?
We can accommodate up to 250+ guests with plenty of space left over to have ample room to mingle and dance the night away!

Will the site be shared with another party during my event?
We will never allow more than one party per scheduled event.

What is the rental fee and what does it include?
Our pricing includes the following:

  • 14-hour rental the day of your event (10am – Midnight)
  • 1-hour rehearsal time, by appointment, the week before your event
  • Use of venue, by appointment, for engagements and bridal portraits
  • Use of various furniture pieces, gift table, easel, etc.
  • Tables and chairs for up to 250 guests
  • Set-up and take-down of tables and chairs
  • Use of our Chapel for indoor ceremony
  • Beautiful outdoor ceremony area
  • 1 hour use of our “old fashioned” photo booth
  • 1 hour use of our cube #hashtag printer (guests love this)
  • 1 ½ hours use of our beautiful baby grand player piano
  • Security provided during your reception
  • Venue clean up